There are a few ways to overcome this issue;
1: Upon sign up did you or your friend enter the first 0 in your phone number? (eg. 0405 123 123), this can create issues, depending how the contact was originally entered into your phone. The solution is to log out of Mi Vista and set up a new user profile without entering first 0 in your mobile phone number (eg. 405 123 123) this will not cause issues having 2 accounts.

2: Upon setting up your Mi Vista profile, did you or your contact select an incorrect International Country Code (eg +61 for Australia). The solution is to logout of Mi Vista and set up a new user profile with the correct international phone code for your country.

3: Check if your mobile phone or your contacts mobile phone has the minimal requirements to effectively operate the Mi Vista App.

4: Shut down the Mi Vista app completely then re-open it.

5: Check that both you and your friend have each other’s correct contact phone numbers on each other’s phone

Press the icon at the bottom right of the camera screen (RED is emergency / YELLOW is social).
Go into your Mi Vista friends list and select up to 5 contacts that will be moved to the top row, or select contacts on the top row to move them to the general contact list.
Whilst viewing your Mi Vista friends list, you can press the ‘ADD FRIENDS’ icon in the top right of the screen, which will enable you to send a promotion code to selected people on your phones contact list. The more contacts you get to join you on Mi Vista using the promotion code, the more benefits you will receive from the Mi Vista app.
Download the Mi Vista App from the Apple or Google Play stores and upon setting up your profile, enter the promotional code you received, so that you and your friend can receive the benefit from Mi Vista.
If you are on the Vista-Chat screen messaging a friend, either swipe your finger across the screen to the right, or shake the phone, and the Mi Vista app should direct you straight to the emergency Camera Screen to send your alert.
Press the Burger Bar icon in the bottom left corner of the camera screen and then the Settings icon at the top of the screen to enter into the Settings Screen.
YES of course, we love to hear from our users. Whilst in the Settings Screen you can press ‘CONTACT US’ and send us a message. We will try to respond to you as soon as we can.
Press the Burger Bar at the bottom right corner of the Camera Screen, then the ‘FALSE ALARM’ or ‘RETRACT MESSAGE’ button at the bottom of the screen and then enter your 4-digit PIN code. Your Emergency Contacts will have their Incident Report upgraded to GREEN to indicate that you are safe. (In the event that you are under duress to enter your PIN code, you can enter any number combination and the App will operate as if the correct code was entered, however behind the scenes the Mi Vista App upgrades your alert (turning the incident to RED in colour) on your emergency contacts mobile device.
YES, it is available on both the Apple and Goggle Play stores.
YES, a Mi Vista friend needs to be an actual contact on your phone’s contacts, this is to stop random people being able to connect or contact with you or your children.
YES, providing you have their correct contact details entered in your phone correctly.
NO, we have no access your location or to view your content, Mi Vista respects your privacy and ensure to make your content yours (see terms and conditions for further information), however if an Emergency Alert has been received, the receiving contact has the option to send the Incident Report to the Mi Vista office for safe keeping by pressing the ‘REPORT THIS INCIDENT TO ADMIN’ icon at the bottom of the Incident Report.
NO, you have control over Vista-Trax and can turn it off and on as you feel you need it.
NO, as soon as the photo has been taken in Emergency Mode, or friends selected in Social Mode, the photos is sent immediately and does not remain on your phone, nor is there any way for another person to tell that a photo was even taken. (This is so in the event of an emergency, an offender is unable to know if or what evidence may have been recorded and sent).