Mi Vista, the Easy to Use Safety Application Suitable for Everyone

Mi Vista enables you to take and send a picture of an event, without another person even knowing, if or what, vital information had been send to your emergency contacts. The vital information sent by you using Mi Vista, could provide authorities with the necessary clues in relation to an emergency situation. The added bonus of Mi Vista is that the Application is socially interactive, allowing you to switch from Social Mode to Emergency Mode instantly in the event that environment was to suddenly change, by either a slide of the finger, or a shake of the device. This way you can be socially connected to family and friends, whilst ready for any sudden change.

Personally Secure

Mi Vista provides additional Personal Safety to you in your home, community and work place. You are able to communicate with your family and friends, whilst being able to reach out for help suddenly should you need to.

Socially Secure

Mi Vista provides peace of mind to all, providing your loved ones with the ability to notify you in the event of an emergency. Mi Vista allows your loved ones to reach out instantly to you and other pre-selected contacts by touching one button, enabling the correct authorities to be contacted quickly. Mi Vista enables the you and your loved ones to create your own social safety network.

Mi Vista, Bringing a Personal Use to You in Every Occasion

Mi Vista is easy to use for people of all backgrounds and ages. Mi Vista empower you with an Application that brings added peace of mind to your family and friends.

Instant picture sending
Instant location notification
Message sending and receiving
GPS tracking that keeps a record of the users travels

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