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MiVista is a purpose built mobile application to assist with alerting your friends and family in the event of an emergency.

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Emergency Mode

Send a picture of the event which could contain valuable information for authorities. Your GPS location which includes co-ordinates as well as time and date. This information will be instantly sent to your pre-selected emergency contacts at the touch of a button.

Medical Mode

You are able to send all the same information as if in Emergency Mode, with the addition of vital medical information that you have pre-entered. Upon receiving a Medical Emergency message, your contact can touch the mini clip board in the corner of the screen and this vital information will be revealed to them.

Social Mode

Socially interact with your family and friends via “Vista-Chat”. If you enable the GPS tracking, your contact will be able to ensure that you safely arrive at your destination whilst mapping out the path that you took. Social Mode enables you to use “Vista-Pix”, this feature can send instant picture and location without it being an emergency.



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Bree Burton, UK

My Dad has really bad Asthma and so when in trouble is unable to talk on the phone. Personal medical alerts are so expensive to maintain and are confined to be used in the home, thanks to Mi Vista my Dad now has a medical alert with him 24 hours a day, no matter where he is and without the crazy cost that we were previously paying

Nicole Schuts, USA

Every year women and children are being abused, stalked, sexually assaulted and worse, THANK YOU Mi Vista, finally an App that can seek help without the offender even knowing it has been done, and with no way to check…… very clever, helpful and easy to use!!!!

Christine Nikolic, Australia

As a School Teacher, Parent and Grandmother, I find the security and safety features of Mi Vista to be an excellent application that can be used to protect loved ones. It has numerous functions for personal health and safety situations. All at the touch of one button.

Michael Hodge, Australia

Awesome, easy to use and brings peace of mind. I go walking each evening and this App allows me to stay connected with my friends and allow them to know if I am in trouble.

Malcom Pont, USA

Not only does this App come in handy if me or my family are in an emergency, but it also helps to contact friends on a daily bases, and make sure that my girlfriend is safe when walking home of an evening from the train station.